Why Love Grown Adoption Training?

I'm Paige Knipfer and this is my family. I'm a passionate adoptive mom x2 who wants to help you in your adoption education journey. My background is in adult education and financial literacy. I've spent years consuming any adoption education courses and tools I could find. I promise to be authentic, honest, affordable, organized, thoughtful, and unaffiliated with religion. Our training is geared for ANYONE in ANY step of the adoption process.


never stops

Love Grown Modules consist of: 

Introduction & Welcome 

1. The Beginning & Readiness

2. History of Adoption & its Transformation

3. Choosing a Path & the Dive

4. Social Media: Who to Listen to

5. The Wait

6. Profile & Promises

7. The Match or being Chosen

8. The Hospital "Plan"

9. Navigating Open/Closed Adoption

10. Effective Adoptive Parenting

Bonus Items: 

Adoption Guide Recap Video

Adoption Guide

Resource List Recap

Family Education Video (for family & friends)

Your purchase comes with over 10 training modules and can provide 3 home study hours.

You will receive a certificate of completion when you complete our quiz.